Social Resources for Small Business

Small business owners can wear a lot of different hats, varying from accounts payable to the marketing department. To have a consistent and strong brand presence on social media is something that many strive for but cannot commit to with so many varying priorities. While many people will outsource those activities, some want to still learn the ropes and manage the Social Media themselves. As a Social Media Strategist, I am always looking for shortcuts or timesavers when trying to complete a task to make the action as efficient as possible. Here are a few affordable tools of the trade that I know will come in handy for small business owners because I use these resources daily.

Post Scheduling

Hootsuite is arguably the most well known program in the platform management and scheduling arena. Providing both free and paid versions, this program is a great resource for small business owners to get time back on their side. Managing the content you’re posting is really important and that scheduling means that you don’t have to do it on a whim. Post at the time best suited to your audience’s engagement levels and find a variety of suitable content to schedule at a later date.

Brand Monitoring

Knowing what conversations are happening about your brand is really important. Being a part of these conversations is important for brand presence and creating a customer centric culture. Social Searcher can be used to search for a particular keyword. It acts as a search engine for social media platforms and is incredibly useful for businesses. Mention is another program that works similarly however you can set up keyword alerts that are emailed daily to your inbox.

Link Tracking

Tracking who is clicking on links that you share on social media can lead to valuable consumer information. Knowing what content is engaging consumers lets you learn more about your markets traits and tailor other marketing activities with reference to this information. Bitly lets you create a link that can be tracked from any website address. Just copy the link into the post instead of the actual web address and every time it’s clicked and the website opened, information will be sent to Bitly which can be viewed at anytime.


Social Media platforms are always changing and new platforms are emerging lately. In a world where humans crave connection, being on top of Social Media trends and functionality can be the most important piece of advice I can give you to ensure you’re using them to there highest advantage. Rumble Social have their own blog (you’re reading from it now!) however there are some great resources that I like to follow on my personal Social Media account. Social Media Today, Social Media Examiner and of course Rumble Social are all on both twitter and Facebook and following makes keeping updated easy.

Having the support of these resources up your sleeve will mean being able to effectively manage your brand’s presence while still running your business.

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