Managing Your Personal Brand Online

It’s a well known fact that your online presence as an individual will be critically analysed when you apply for a job and this will continue while you are going through the recruitment process. Taking the time to make sure only relevant and appropriate information is available for public viewing is imperative and is commonly undertaken by job seekers. While this is a very important time to tackle a personal social media audit, for some, this is the only time when they review what’s available publically in relation to their image on the Internet. Potential customers, clients or referral partners may decide to look you up to find out more about you before making a decision to work with you. Whether you’re a business owner or an employee at a company – you have been appointed the job of representing that business and with that comes with the responsibility of upholding a professional presence online. Having some action steps in place to review your presence is a great way to handle problems in a timely manner.

Be where you need to be and say what you need to say

This information is relevant to both personal brands and business brands. The content you post should appeal to a particular audience but also prove yourself as an authoritive figure within the community or industry you’re targeting. Below is a checklist I have put together and I want to reiterate it can be used for both your personal brand and business presence.


Joining relevant groups particularly on Linkedin will help get your information to relevant people.  On other platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, like relevant pages and posts from industry influencers. Show you are personally interested and support what they are communicating. This action puts your information in their lap without making a cold call or email.

Know when your name is used in conversations online

Are you often writing articles or blogs? Do you attend networking events and get your photograph snapped? Chances are, there are comments and photographs about you online that you didn’t even know about. For someone like me who likes to be in control of the image my business is portraying, the thought frightens me! Thankfully there are tools like Mention that you can use to track what is being said about you and giving you an opportunity to respond. Where other tools may be restricted to tracking just social media or just search engines,  Mentioned can be used across Social Media and the internet. This may even mean an introduction to a potential client!

Keep consistency across various platforms

When I meet new people I will often check out their profile on various platforms. For professionals, it’s usually Linkedin and Facebook, potentially Instagram and Twitter. I have a very common name and people can find it difficult to find me when searching online. Consistency in name, profile image and general colours can help others identify you more easily, further reaching your network and commanding you as a professional. If you don’t want to be found, make sure that profile is private to the public.

Check your privacy settings

While you may think that amending privacy settings on personal profiles like Facebook is a no brainer and something you set up years ago, its important to include this in an interval audit and review what is actually private. I can think of a dozen examples of functionalities that have changed or been updated across just Facebook over the last twelve months and there is a chance they will eventually update the privacy policy too. It’s not about being skeptical, it’s about being prepared and it’s a good idea to know what information has been stored about you and what your rights are as a Facebook user. To learn more about Facebook’s policies, click here. Most people have Facebook privacy covered however it is something that can be forgotten when undertaking an audit and should be checked at intervals.

It’s relevant to suggest that you schedule to review your personal brand presence every second month. Having a strong personal brand can make or break future opportunities for your career and business. I invite you to Google your name and region to see what has been said about you online.

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