Inspire Buying Decisions with Social Media

Social media interacts with people.

Social media provides those people with information and communication. Information and communication influence the way is a brand is perceived. The way the brand is perceived impacts a person’s inclination to purchase from that brand. A great brand will turn those people into customers.

Do you get my drift?

The Role of Content

Social Media’s primary function is to connect and network so its no surprise that eventually this services was provided to businesses to leverage such communication. With more information available at a person’s fingertips, consumers are much more likely to shop around or look for alternatives before making a purchase decision. Social Media can play a part when it comes to inspiring a purchase by sharing relevant content, as pointed out in a recent report by Deloitte. Apart from creating brand presence through SEO and keywords, valuable, insightful and relevant content will be received well by Social Media users. While you as a business owner can’t make people use Social Media, you can influence a customer that’s active on social media through the type of content the connected shopper finds proving your authority and providing customers with information to empower and sway an opinion about a brand or product.

Level of Involvement in Buying Decisions

The level of importance a buyer relates to a purchase determines the level of involvement the buyer will use to evaluate their options. Think about the last product or service you searched online. My last search was to find a Real Estate Agent to sell my house. I used Google to gather information about different, local agency’s and looked through the profiles of various agents. If there was a social button on their website, I would always click through because this would show me a bit more personality rather than the perfectly crafted, stuffy ‘about me’. Those Facebook and Twitter pages that featured more than that just the properties and made a conscious effort to educate me about something or demonstrate their focus on client service won me over. If they had great reviews, they moved up my list! This engagement was the factor that won me over. In contrast, recently I was looking for a restaurant to make a dinner reservation. I again turned to Google to narrow my search and the immediately turned to their menu. In many cases, the menu was displayed on the Social Network and I could see reviews that informed my decision. The risk when selling a house is much greater and much more involved than choosing a restaurant and while the value of Social Media is demonstrated in both scenario’s, it was used differently depending in the level of involvement of the decision to purchase. Similarly, Deloitte reported that 56 percent of consumers buying baby products used Social Media to inform their decision compared to only 40 percent of those consuming home furnishings.

Gathering information to evaluate alternatives is a routine for many consumers, no matter what they are purchasing. Having access to so much information reiterates the need for a relevant voice on Social Media. With so much information on offer, to cut through the noise its integral to ensure your networking is relevant, informative, appropriate and voice approachable.

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