How Video Can Contribute to Your Social Strategy

As our use of social media matures, businesses are looking at new and exciting ways to engage with their audience. Over the past few years we have watched various platforms lend themselves to video sharing. While some are offering video as their bespoke functionality, others have diversified their offering, incorporating this element into their platform sharing options. With the rise of video sharing across all platforms, it’s important for businesses to know how they can best utilize the services available to them.


Engagement Benefits

The news feed is a noisy place to be on any platform. Having so much information at your fingertips, consumers have to pick and choose what content is most valuable to them in the time frame that they have available. According to Techcrunch – between April 2015 and November 2015, the amount of average daily video views on Facebook doubled from 4 billion video views per day to 8 billion. This stat indicates that social users are becoming more likely to view video’s when consuming content on social media.

It has been a long known fact that images attract better post engagement on social, whether that be on twitter, Facebook or even Instagram however, still images and photography are limited in the demonstration they provide. Video’s on the other hand can engage a social user while still being able to convey a specific message through speech, music and dynamic images and photography.

Capturing the interest of a user and then making concepts easy for an audience to understand is how to increase engagement and drive them towards a call to action. This is often the first step towards a conversion and a great way connect with your audience. Using information that is relevant, for example, an announcement, how-to or even an explainer video, any industry can use video to connect with their audience.

Live Streaming

You may have heard the term ‘Live Streaming’ being thrown around without actually knowing the difference between video and live streaming. The difference is really simple – Live Streaming is video content that is published as it is being recorded as opposed to video content that can be pre-recorded and then uploaded or shared on a platform. Users on Periscope can record something through the app, on the spot and that will ‘Live Stream’ to their followers. You can see the comments from others viewing your live stream as you record. Facebook has recently introduced live streaming as a way to compete with the other emerging video platforms. There have been rumors speculating Facebook is set to provide a stand alone video platform quite similar to Youtube in the near future. Thus, Facebook gives precedence to video content, particularly if it has been live streamed from their platform to encourage people’s use of Facebook. I encourage businesses to utilize Live Streaming well to help overcome Facebook’s ever challenging post reach predicament.

One way to reach an audience via a personable voice is through live streaming. Giving your users a taste of ‘behind the scenes’ or  information ‘straight from the horses mouth’ makes them feel like a VIP and provides them with a memorable experience, which is something worth talking about. The instantaneous nature of the function means that smaller businesses can compete with larger companies when posting content. The video is restricted in manipulation with sophisticated video software making it a great tool for small businesses to harness. Personally, I’ve seen great results from Live Streaming on Facebook. You can check out a video I streamed live here. For many businesses, Periscope will be a great option – particularly for location based services with a strong twitter following.

Key Takeaways

People love the anticipation and storytelling that comes with video. Your business can leverage this on social media to increase engagement rates and build conversion rates.

Platforms want user generated content to make up a large part of their platform. First hand experiences, well explained content and behind the scenes access are factors that build an audience and this can all be produced easily through the video medium.

The little guys can compete with the bigger guys through live streaming. Being relevant and personable are two key capabilities that social media can bring to your brand. Live Streaming is a free and easy way to communicate and the larger brands only have access to the same facilities as you making it a level playing field.

Where would we be without social video content?

Well if it wasn’t for Tasty, I for one wouldn’t know how to make an awesome Slow Roasted Honey Glazed Pork, that’s for sure!

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