How-To: Improve SEO and Verify Your Facebook Page

With so many changes happening across all platforms, it’s often hard to keep up! We all know Facebook is a great platform to reach a variety of users but there are some behind the scenes stuff that can really benefit your presence – both on Facebook and in search engine results. I have found that Facebook’s direct advice isn’t so straightforward when it comes to explaining how to verify your Facebook page.

Proving your identity as the owner of the page can give your page authenticity and authority, helping Facebook to identify spam accounts. This information could be passed to search engines where robots will identify the affiliation with your Facebook page and website. Once verified, others will be able to identify your page as verified by the small grey tick next to your Page’s name.

Seem a bit too tricky? It’s really not and I encourage more businesses to do it by following these steps.

Before beginning this process, you need to identify if your page is eligible for verification. If your Page’s category is Local Business or Company & Organisation – your page is eligible. Sports people, celebrities, government agencies and public figures have a similar process to verify which can be found here.

If it turns out you’re not eligible or you are unsure about your category, you can follow these steps provided by Facebook for more information if you wish to amend or check your Page’s category.

Step 1

Once you are sure you are eligible, click the settings tab on your Page.

Step 2

Click ‘Edit’ on the Page Verification tab. You will note on the screen below that it shows that the page isn’t yet verified.

Step 3

Click the link as shown below.

Step 4

Input the phone number listed on your Facebook site. If you don’t have one, use the one listed on your website.

Step 5

Input this number but before pressing ‘call now’ make sure you are by the phone, ready to answer the call. Facebook will immediately call you and provide you with a four digit number that you can input into the next screen.

Step 6

Success! Your page is verified – wasn’t that easy!?

You can double check this on your Page but noting the grey tick beside your name.

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