Hospitality Marketing

Running a cafe, venue, restaurant, hotel or bar is no easy feat. Consumers require the service industry to deliver fantastic customer experiences on demand – this extends past the in-store experience to the online environment and puts a lot of pressure on businesses to perform. We partner with the service industry to help deliver these exceptional experiences, ensuring your team can get back to doing what they do best.

How can Rumble Social help?

  • Managing and developing a consistent and thoughtful presence on social media to promote brand awareness and attract interest to your business while offering an accessible way for people to get in touch. This ensures your business is responsive 24/7 reducing the chance for the interested party to seek information elsewhere.
  • Develop and maintain marketing automation campaigns including email marketing to promote loyalty and deliver powerful, context based messages, increasing conversion rates.
  • Working with your team to design service processes that will engage customers and improve the customer experience both online and in physical space.
  • Provide your brand with a credible, on trend presence, supported with persuasive content.

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