Considerations for Seasonal Social Media Management

Each year consumers around the world celebrate days that are meaningful to them. Christmas and Easter stand out in the Christian community however if you’re a local business, local days and fairs that draw a crowd can also impact your social media strategy for those days. Picking up tendencies and routine is important when it comes to social media management and with the platform requirements always evolving, it’s important to understand what your consumers celebrate and adjust accordingly.

Know your days of significance

Use the interests of you target market to leverage off holidays that means the most to them. For example, in Australia many Christian communities celebrate Christmas while communities with a strong Muslim culture will celebrate Ramadan and social media managers need to take note of these cultural differences and tendencies. This can be achieved by knowing your customers and their local community. Choosing to celebrate a day because it’s of interest to you is not a good enough reason to celebrate that on your business profile. You have built a strong and loyal following, each of those users choosing to be more involved in your business for one reason or another. Your followers deserve the best content from you and posting something for the sake of it may lose them and reduce the exposure of your business.

Post routine disruptions

During the holiday period many people take a break from their usual routine of work and spend time chilling out or maybe even taking a holiday. It’s important to take note of these routine disruptions because that too will affect the way you post on social media. Generally, you my realise that at 10am on a weekday your market will have their head down at the desk drowning in paperwork but when they are on the Easter break, they may see this as an opportunity to have a late breakfast and catch up with friends for morning tea. While they are waiting for their friend to arrive, there is a high chance they will pick up their phone and check Facebook or Instagram. They may be spending time with their family for a Christmas lunch and find themselves far too busy to check their social media because they are preparing meals for everyone. To avoid any unforeseen circumstances, check out the data from last year’s event or campaign and see what worked, what didn’t and make an informed decision.

Don’t slack on customer service

As people’s routines are changing for seasonal celebrations, generally they will be more active on social media. I can confirm this across various industries from both Rumble’s accounts and my clients’ reporting. Enquiries and complaints will be on the rise during this period particularly in the leisure and retail industries however, a lot of people use this time to get their affairs in order and it can also impact professional services and consultants. As users are becoming more active on social media, so should the people managing the accounts. This is a great time to become active on various forums and discussions. Providing a voice on a topic that’s close to you will provide valid input and present your existence as an authority on the topic.

Add some seasonality to your brand

Putting a Santa hat on your logo is one thing but it can add character and personality to your brand. Humanising your brand is important, after all, it is SOCIAL media! Thinking of some creative ways to engage customers is also important and ASDA is a great example of this. Utilising video, they captured the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree. Their campaign from a few years back along with a handful of other companies can be viewed here and provide some great examples to draw inspiration from.

Changes in users patterns will affect the success of your social efforts and something that should be taken seriously in your social media strategy. It’s really nice to be able to take time off and celebrate with family and friends and seasonal days provide us with what seems to be a luxury these days but your business social media management shouldn’t be forgotten. I encourage you to consider appointing one person to take over the account for the business during these periods to ensure enquiries are being handled and your business is present.

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