3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Diving Into the New Instagram Re-targeting Through Facebook Ads Manager

If Apple stores have taught us anything, it’s that humans tend to be attracted to that new shiny thing. Digital marketing trends have been no different for business owners, wanting to be the first to test drive a new functionality and remain competitive. Facebook and Instagram, along with other social platforms dangle ‘carrots’ in front of us and use behavioural marketing to entice us with the FOMO (fear of missing out). Smart business owners will see through these tactics and will approach new functionalities like this not with caution but with purpose. They will take their time, plan a strategy and understand this new tool before they jump straight into it. At the end of the day, Facebook just like any other business is operating to make a profit and just because something is available doesn’t mean it’s going to fit within your larger marketing strategy.

Ask yourself the following questions before stepping into the unknown territory of Instagram re-marketing.

Have you converted your Instagram profile to a business page?

This is important because unless you have converted your personal profile into a business account, you will not have access to this function. Many of the people I have spoken to that have avoided switching to a business profile have done so because they believe it will have a negative impact on their reach. Not only does a business account give you more credibility, the functionality is increasing on Instagram business accounts and if you don’t switch, you won’t have access to same level of tools that your competitors have access to. Converting your account is really easy, simply go to settings in Instagram and click ‘Switch to a business account’, and then you’re set!

If you’re looking for other ways to add credibility to your business, I recommend taking look at my blog post, taking you through the steps of verifying your Facebook page.

How relevant is my audience on Instagram?

When buying followers was all the rage, did you get sucked in to THAT shiny new ‘quick fix’? If you did then targeting those who have liked your page is probably a tactic to avoid if you’re looking for the most effective way to spend your marketing budget. Even if you haven’t bought any followers, you should still sift through your followers and take a look at who the majority of your followers are, where they are located and decide if they are a potential market that your business could connect with further than just a like on Instagram. How many followers do you have?

If you did purchase followers and are curious to see what a Click Farm looks like, click here.

Are the people who like my posts the people I want to connect with?

Do your hash tags include words like ‘#fun’, ‘#smile’ or ‘#beautiful’? If you use these phrases, you are more likely to attract a higher number of ‘likes’ however, there is a much higher chance that that engagement is wasted on Instagram users that have no relevance to you. Take a look at your last Instagram post and identify the percentage of likes that have come from people you would consider customers or potential businesses or influencers you would like to partner with. This will help you decide if these profiles are connections your business could leverage.


Bonus tip: If you have a new page, build it up before using it to re-target to maximize the benefit.