B2B Marketing

Businesses operating in B2B marketplaces require a different approach to those selling direct to consumer. The decision making process for a business is quite different than the average consumer as is the level of information they require to make the decision. Using strategic marketing, we partner with B2B businesses with the objective of supporting a potential lead through the buying process. Our objective is to give your sales and business development team every possible chance of success by ensuring potential buyers have the information they need to critically analyze your product or service first attracting leads and encouraging retention.

Industries we love to work with – HR, Recruitment, Saas and Tech.

How can Rumble Social help?

  • Manage social media presence and develop an engaged audience for both the business and individual personal brands of the leadership team.
  • Develop a marketing automation and CRM strategy including email marketing to attract, capture and nurture prospects by getting the right messages, in front of the right people at the right time.
  • Develop a credible and trustworthy brand, supported with persuasive content

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