I’m Emily – a Novocastrian, a lover of dogs and an Aperol Spritz on a Friday night.

In 2015, Rumble Social was developed after acquiring one client by accident. 2016 saw me work with over fifty small to medium businesses across the Newcastle, Hunter Valley, and Central Coast areas providing services in marketing strategy, social media management and digital marketing. Today, while based in Newcastle, Rumble Social partners with organisations and teams across Australia to help give life to their big ideas.

Rumble Social takes followers and turns them into brand advocates.

Rumble Social’s bread and butter has always been social media. After seeing many businesses throw money at social media tactics without thinking about the big picture, Rumble Social was created to help businesses create meaningful relationships with their community and give purpose to their digital presence.

Social media can be a superficial space with businesses getting caught up in attracting likes and followers, without identifying a unique role in reaching broader marketing objectives. Since hitting the ground running with services in social media, we have now extended our service offering to offer more holistic support for our clients, introducing services like marketing strategy, email marketing, marketing automation, digital marketing and content creation in 2018. We help our clients achieve their business objectives by combining the worlds of digital marketing, customer service and communication allowing us to focus on the overall customer, candidate and employee experience.

The Rumble Social philosophy is to become an extension of our clients’ businesses rather than just an outsourced function. Working closely with our clients and building long term relationships with both them and their communities, we aim to foster meaningful customer relationships, differentiating a business and creating competitive advantage through marketing and service delivery.